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W.S.U.C.C.A Presentation Night

A night of what if's but Skipper salutes for Wyndham CC

On Friday the 20th of April, the W.S.U.C.C.A presentation night was held at Altona RSL. A delegation of 5 from Wyndham CC attended (Alex Grioli, Jamie Davies, Mark Robinson, Andrew Caithness and Wayne Jones).

On an evening that was highlighted by the lack of representation from some clubs. Wyndham once again managed to sneak away with a trophy.

In Premier Grade, our Skipper Scott Miles managed to win the bowling aggregate award for his 30+ wickets. A stirling performance, given his re-introduction to cricket after a lengthy abscence of some years.

This award was won last year by Matthew "Clem" Bennett and it was great to see that it stayed in Wyndham CC hands. The committee wish to congratulate Scott on a great effort and hope that he goes on to perform similar deeds next season.

It was also an evening of "What if's" for Mark (Robbo) Robinson. Rumour has it that he missed out on the Champion Player award by just .15 or 3 runs. If that wasn't heartbreaking enough, he also finished runner up in the President's Medal by 1 vote.

However, the club featured prominently in all areas at Premier Grade level and that is a sign that we are a more consistent unit than in the past.

The club polled the second highest total number of votes in Premier Grade, which just goes to reinforce the improvement we have made as an Premier Grade team.


Robbo 12

Tugga 8

Jac 8

Cakie 6

Scott 5

Clem 4

Paul 4

Nick 4

Carm 2

As you can see we had many different contributors throughout the season and thatis how you win Premierships.

Once again Congratulations to Scott Miles and Commiserations to Mark Robinson. Let's hope that we can feature in the awards again next season.

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This news item was published 12nd April 2001