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Theft Rocks Club

Thieves make away with club gear and white goods

Unfortunately between the late evening of 6th July and the early morning of 13th July, some intruders broke into the club rooms and removed all of our cricket gear, our white goods and some other items.

With the season little more than 2 months away we are now in a terrible situation. Without insurance and not being in a financial position to purchase new gear, the club finds itself in a crisis mode.

We have taken the step to write to many, many companies and businesses seeking support, but as of 23rd of July we have had little or no offers of support. We will continue to knock on the doors of local business and industry in the hope that we can drum up enough support to replace the stolen cricket gear.

Not an ideal way to look forward to a new season but we will do what we can and hope that all of our players and supporters can get behind any fundraising ventures, that we have to help replace the stolen equipment.

If there is any businesses out there than can offer support, please get in contact with the club through the website or on Mob 0412 925 391. In return for your support we will ensure that your business is widely publicised on our website, our newsletter, our clubrooms and also in the local press.

We are desperate and we would be very appreciative of any support that can be offered.

This article posted 23rd July 2001