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Nice Guys Do Come First

Rewards For Wyndham A Grade Champions...

A Grade nice Guys, Mark "ROBBO" Robinson and Matthew "CLEM" Bennett were rewarded for their stellar performances in season 1999/2000 by being the recipients of prestigous awards, at the W.S.U.C.C.A. presentation night, held at the Altona RSL earlier this year.

It was on the backs of these two players that the Wyndham A grade team, road into the finals race and ultimately premiership contention. However a poor performance by the A grade team, in the Semi Final put paid to topping off the year for these two champions.

However, at the W.S.U.C.C.A. presentation night, they were both expected to feature heavily in the awards and ultimately in the voting for the prestigous Presidents Medal.

And so it proved to be.

Opening batsmen/wicket-keeper Mark Robinson had an incredible season with the bat, in which he amassed 585 runs at an average of 41.78.
Not content with that, he also took 34 dismissals (32 catches & 2 stumpings). Rumour has it, that he also took one wicket, with his devilish "NUDE" balls.

His aggregates of 585 runs with the bat & 34 wicket-keeping dismissals, are now the benchmarks for the A Grade players of the Wyndham Cricket Club.

His performance and achievements throughtout the season were justly rewarded, when he was presented with the W.S.U.C.C.A. A Grade "Champion Player Award". Mark gathered together 123.05 points, to take home the trophy. A worthy winner indeed.

Our other award winner, Matthew Bennett had an outstanding season with the ball. As an opening bowler, he managed to take 54 quality wickets at an average of 14.61.
Time and time again, he would bowl into the wind unchanged for long spells. Never once complaining.

His wicket aggregate of 54, is now the A Grade benchmark for our club and it will take a power of beating in the future.

With 54 wickets it was hard to see any other individual challenging Matt for the W.S.U.C.C.A. A Grade bowling aggregate and it proved to be true. Reward for a quality season.

Lastly to the "Presidents Medal". A coveted award of great honour and prestige, it is voted on by the umpires after each round. Votes are given on a 3,2,1 basis, to the player that the umpire feels is the Fairest and Best player of each game.

In season 1998/1999, Wyndham young star, Nick Powell, took out the Presidents Medal for the B Grade competition and with the performance of both Mark and Matt in season 1999/2000, Wyndham Cricket Club were hopeful of adding an A Grade Presidents Medal winner, to our B Grade one.

Both Mark and Matt featured prominently in the voting and showed that they had great seasons. But in the end there was only one winner, and proudly for the Wyndham Cricket Club, it was Matthew "Clem" Bennett, with 14 votes.

"Clem" is a worthy winner of such an award, a better person it could not have gone to. Let's hope that in season 2000/2001 we can perform well enough to bring home a premiership, to put the icing on what is already an outstanding career for Matthew.

The Wyndham Cricket Club, is extremely proud of the achievements of both Mark and Matt and we congratulate them wholeheartedly. Good Luck in 2000/2001.

This just goes to prove that "Nice Guys Do come first".

Article Contributed by Jac, with assistance from Cakie.

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This news item was published May 30 2000