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Season 2001/2002 Annual General Meeting

The AGM which was held on Sunday 12th August, provided much interest, due to the resignation of a few committee members. The opportunity was there for a few new faces to force their way on to committee and that is exactly how things unfolded on the day.

After the resignation of both Andrew Caithness and Joe Polzella there was concern over just who would be able to take over their roles, but it is with much pleasure that the Committee welcome both Melodee Donald and Daniel Jenkins on to committee.

Melodee will be taking up the Secretary's role and Jinx will be taking up a position on General Committee. Good luck to both of you, we are sure you will provide plenty of input and guidance.

Committee Positions are as follows:

President: David Parker
Vice President: Alex Grioli
Secretary: Melodee Donald
Treasurer: Jamie Davies
Social Secretary: John Conte
General Committee: Wayne Jones & Daniel Jenkins

The Committee would like to thank both Joe Polzella and Matthew Bennett for their great service over the past 12 months.

A special "Thank You" goes out to Andrew Caithness. Andrew has been a leading force behind the Wyndham Cricket Club for sometime. Without his efforts the Wyndham Cricket Club would be in a very poor position, but due to his commitment and time the Wyndham Cricket Club finds itself in a position of strength and ready to advance on to the next phase of it's development. Andrew has given much to the club and the club will be forever grateful for his contributions.

This article posted 22nd August