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New Captain Coach Appointed

Scott Miles Appointed to Captain Coach Role

Over the off season the Wyndham Cricket Club interviewed various candidates for the Captain/Coach role and were left with an extremely dificult decision to make. All of those that were interviewed met the criteria that we put forward, and all would have been suitable for the position, but unfortunately there can only be one Captain/Coach.

After much deliberation the committee felt that Scott was the most suitable candidate for the position.

Scott has a very credible cricketing background, and has been fortunate enough to have enjoyed success as a player and assistant coach in the VJCA & WDCA.

It is hoped that this appointment will assist the club in it's desire to go forward, not only as a team but as a club.

The committee wish to welcome Scott in a formal manner and encourage all of our players to support him and assist him where possible to achieve the desired output.

With this appointment the committe can look forward with high expectations to the season ahead.

Good Luck to Scott and all Players.

Scott, on behalf of the committee we welcome you to the Wyndham Cricket Club.

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This news item was published 6th August 2000