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John Conte

Player Profiled for the month of February is John (Eddie) Conte.

Although John Conte suffers the unfortunate disease Collingwooditus, he isn't a bad bloke. A known small time criminal who is always trying to make a deal on his mobile phone. A backroom gambler and suspected underworld figure he has fitted into the club extremely well. Having seen the opportunity to get his hands on the clubs money John joined the COMMITTEE for the first time this season (2000/2001). John has had some great highlights since his arrival at Wyndham, but none are better than the two miraculous catches that he has held onto this year, both against St Johns. A favorite with fellow clubmates not for his wit and good humour, but mainly because of the food that he brings to afternoon tea......Lasagna, Pizza, Sandwiches........

Nickname: Eddie & JC

Star Sign: Taurus

Favorite Drink: Jim Beam

Favorite Food: Lasagna

Favorite Sportsmen: Nathan Buckley

Favorite player: Adam Gilchrist

Favorite Song: Honesty

Favorite Band / Singer: Billy Joel

Favorite TV Show: Stingers

Favorite Movie: James Bond (All Of Them)

Highlight of career: That Catch - Round 1 2000/2001 V's St Johns

Biggest disappointment in career: Not Making A Grade Grand Final 1999/2000.

Biggest influence on career: The Other Conte

Best player seen in your career: As Above

Most admired individual and why: Myself, because I am a Conte.

If you were stuck on a island, what are the three things that you would like to have with you:
(the editor takes no responsibility for answers that do not meet the expectations of wives, girlfriends and/or both)

2.Mobile Phone

Your funniest moment at the club: When my phone rings, everyone yells out " Sell, Sell "

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