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David Ferry

Player Profiled for the month of September is David Ferry.

David (Fezz) Ferry, is currently playing elsewhere in the VTCA. A quality player with both Bat & Ball he can take a game apart. Although he can appear to be cruising, he is quite competitive and can get fired up. With his height and pace he troubles most batsmen and can put any bowler to the sword. Although he has been playing elsewhere for sometime, he makes regular appearances at the club. A great bloke to have around, who would be welcome back anytime.

Nickname: Fezz

Star Sign: Sagitarius

Favorite Drink: Baileys On Ice

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite Sportsmen: Gary Ablett

Favorite player: Steve Waugh

Favorite song: Gloria

Favourite band/singer: Talking Heads

Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld

Favorite Movie: Blade Runner

Highlight of career:1993/94 Premiership.

Biggest disappointment in career: Losing Grand Finals

Biggest influence on career: Alec Merrill

Most admired individual and why: Sandy Blyth (Drafted to Richmond Before accident)

If you were stuck on a island, what are the three things that you would like to have with you:
(the editor takes no responsibility for answers that do not meet the expectations of wives, girlfriends and/or both)

2.Video Player.
3.Ashley Judd.

Your funniest moment at the club: Anything that involved Farmer or Lou Tenerezza.

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