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Andrew Caithness

Player Profiled for the month of June is ANDREW CAITHNESS.

Andrew Caithness or better known to most of us as Cakie, is another club stalwart. He is our club historian and shoulder to cry on. He relates especially well with the younger bowlers and at times feels the need to put a halt to the game, so that he can pass on his wisdom. This at times is done with the assistance of Jac Davies. (The fallout from these discussions is the halt in the progress of the game, which ultimately fires up our wicket keeper Mark "ROBBO" Robinson. Rumour has it that Jac and Cakie do it just to piss Robbo off). Cakie is an enigmatic right hand batsmen, who at times can find an extraordinary way to get out. A terrific personality to have around the club.

Nickname: Cakie

Star Sign: Libra

Favorite Drink: Milk

Favorite Food: Leon's BBQ

Favorite Sportsmen: Kouta

Favorite player: Garry Buckingham

Favorite TV Show: Sienfeld (there is a rumour the Cakie's middle name is Cosmo !)

Favorite Movie: Indiana Jones movies

Highlight of career: 2 A grade Flags

Biggest disappointment in career: Having to consider legal action against my idol

Biggest influence on career: Ken Haining

Best player seen in your career: Ken Haining, Garry Sorrell & Mark Robinson (ALL CHAMPIONS)

Most admired individual and why: Steve Waugh, because he's dedicated to his country.

If you were stuck on a island, what are the three things that you would like to have with you:
(the editor takes no responsibility for answers that do not meet the expectations of wives, girlfriends and/or both)

1.A Pillow
2.A Fishing Rod
3.A never ending packet of Tim Tams

Your funniest moment at the club: When we played at the Altona High School we had a moat around the ground. Laurie Grioli went charging after a ball and slid straight into the water and came up soaking wet & covered in mud.

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