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Scott Miles

Player Profiled for the month of March is Scott Miles.

Scott (Coach) Miles, arrived at the club last season (2000/01) to take over the role of Captain/Coach. He has been a magnificient addition to the club, not only as a Captain/Coach, but as a clubman.

Nickname: Coach

Star Sign: Libra

Favorite Drink: Barcardi & Coke, with a twist of lemon.

Favorite Food: Seafood / Any

Favorite Sportsmen: Greg Norman

Favorite Cricketer: Greg Chappell

Favorite Song: Richmond FC Theme Song

Favorite Band/Singer: Aussie Crawl

Favorite TV Show: Footy Show

Favorite Movie: Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Highlight of career: Being appointed Captain / Coach of Wyndham Cricket Club

Biggest disappointment in career: Losing, I hate it

Biggest influence on career: Don Wilson - underage cricket & footy coach

Most admired individual and why: Greg Norman, for his ability to stay at the top for so long in an individual sport.

If you were stuck on a island, what are the three things that you would like to have with you:
(the editor takes no responsibility for answers that do not meet the expectations of wives, girlfriends and/or both)


Your funniest moment at the club: Seeing John Conte's face after he took "That Unbelievable Catch" in Round I of season 2000/2001.

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