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Legends at the Crease

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Although our legends are not in the same class of
"The Don", their performance over time has earned them the right to be referred to as "Legend", around our club.

The records of these individuals, speak volumes for the quality of cricketer they were and in some cases still are.

Our club is fortunate to have been blessed by some, entertaining and brilliant cricketers, who's performance has set the bench mark for those who follow.

Our club is proud to have such a wonderful cricket history and we are content in the knowledge that all of these players have earned the tag of "Legend at the Crease".

As we move into season 2001/2002, we can only hope that the performance and record of these champions, helps to inspire the current crop of players, to reach for the goals set by these Legends.

With the, already impressive record of young players such as Nick Powell and Matthew Bennett, it may not be too much longer, until we add a few more names to our list of Legends.

Click on these names to see a Legend.

Sir Donald Bradman

We do ask that you take the time to look at all of the players in this site. These players are part of an elite group of performers and their achievements are worth taking note of.

We hope that you enjoy reading through the statistics and performances of these "Legends at the Crease".

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