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Garry Sorrell


Games 184 Finals 21

Runs 3008 Ave 20.74 Best 110no 100's 1 50's 14

Wkts 459 Ave 12.66 Best 8/22 5 wkts/inns 18

Catches 83

Affectionately known as Sos, he is a larger than life character, with a massive heart. His record speaks volumes for his efforts.

Although not considered a true all rounder, he proved to be more than handy with the bat at crucial times. His bowling can be best described as nothing short of awesome.

In his younger days, Sos was a typical tear away quicky, capable of blasting you out, but as he gained more experience, he developed that unique ability of thinking batsmen out.

With a silky smooth action, and an unbridled appetite for wickets, he was irrepresible. Batsmen tended to survive against him, and it was a very rare occasion when he was beaten, by a batsmen.

As a batsmen, he failed to live up to the best cricket traditions of looking like a cricketer. He would stroll casually out to the crease, with bat in hands.....bare hands. Yep, no batting gloves for Sos.

His game plan was never in any doubt, it was all out attack, every time. No mystery with Sos. Although his technique looked a little "different" it was devastatingly effective.

What tended to happen, was that we would be in a little bit of trouble at 7 for 80 or so and out he would stroll. The opposition would see him stroll out, no gloves, and not looking like he had any clue. What usually happened was that the opposition would snigger has he took guard.

Unfortunately for opposition, instead of getting his wicket they usually got a fair dose of sunburn on the roof of the mouth, watching ball after ball get launched into space. I guess Sos figured there was more room in the air. Then again it's pretty hard to get caught when you hit the ball 25 metres over the boundary line.

As is the case with many champions, they go out with a bang, and this was the case with Gary. In the A Grade Grand Final of season 1993/94, we found ourselves bundled out for a paltry 152.

The opposition were cruising at 2 for 89, when Sos came back into the attack. He bowled an inspirational spell, to end the opposition's chase, 20 runs short at 132. Almost single handedly he lifted the club to a Premiership.

His final figures in his last game were 29 overs, 17 maidens, 6 wickets for 31.

A fitting way for this Legend to leave the game.