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Round 4

NO wins for the club in Round 4...

Round 4, the second of the two day games and a chance for all three grades to come home with a win. Unfortunately none of the teams managed a win.

The best result we could muster as a club was an honourable draw in Premier Grade. The Seconds once again found some problems with their batting and the thirds were beaten by a one man run spree. Roll on Round 5.........

Premier Grade V's Barkly St - Away

Match Report

Premier Grade
Round 4 versus Barkly St produced another good result for Premier Grade, although the outcome was only a draw, it was a great display of positive cricket. With each and every player contributing at some stage or another throughout the entire game, it was easily our best all round performance. The most pleasing aspect of the game was most definitely the way that the team as a whole refused to fall away meekly in the face of some adversity.
Sent into the field after losing the toss, we showed from the outset that we had come to play. With fieldsmen throwing themselves about and the bowlers bowling a beautiful line and length, it was not long until the pressure began to show on the batting side with Barkly St losing early wickets, thanks to some brilliant catching from Trevor Bennett and some awesome bowling from Nick Powell.
With the excellent bowling, fielding and all round cricket, Barkly St had been reduced to 5 for 51 not long before the drinks break. A fantastic way to start the game. This game was always looked at as our first big test and up until this stage we had performed very well. But with Barkly St veterans Jim Verduci and Jeff Law at the crease club skipper (Scott Miles) warned us all that only half of our work was done.
Prophetic words from the Coach as Barkly St held together and did not lose a wicket between the drinks and tea break and had worked their way to 5 for 112. Although we had put down a few chances we never ever looked like going for a stack of runs and remained very positive. At 5 for 112 Barkly St had rested some control back but we were still a little way ahead of our goal of 4 for 120/130 at the tea break.
Between the tea break and stumps Barkly St managed to push the score along to 7 for 225, but it could and should have been 270ish, but for the great fielding and general efforts of the whole team. Especially the bowlers who never strayed too far from a great line and length, particularly from Nick Powell who took 5/62 from 20 overs.
Barkly St making 7/225 after being 5/51 might seem a little disappointing, but it really was a great effort to keep them down to that figure in the end.
Our turn to bat and NOT FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS SEASON, rain was on the horizon. Robbo and Jac opened the batting and got away to a confident start, before having to leave the ground because of rain. 5 minutes were lost in this delay (This was a precursor to the day). After the rain dissipated Robbo and Jac headed out to the centre to start again. A few more overs were bowled before another rain shower hit, this time with vengeance.
20 minutes were lost during this break. At one stage it looked as if we would be lucky to get back out there again for the rest of the day, but the rain and the clouds parted and play was again under way. But, after just 3 overs, down it came again and it was decided to take an early tea break.
With these rain breaks Robbo and Jac had opened the innings four times (interesting point Robbo faced the first ball after each and every break). After this resumption, both Robbo and Jac agreed to play in a positive manner to see if they could lift the run rate in the hope that the target of 226 could be attained, from what ever overs were left in the days play. Unfortunately Jac was out soon after the resumption for 27 and the score was 1/83.
Next up was Jinx, who joined with Robbo to continue the forward push for victory, which was becoming more difficult as rain again interrupted. Barkly St now had control due to the fact that no minimum number of overs had to be bowled. They could now slow down the over rate and bowl as few overs as possible. After the resumption, Jinx was given out LBW, but Robbo was still there and batting with authority.
Cambo then strode to the wicket to join Robbo still needing 80+ runs, with between 10 & 15 overs to be bowled. (depending on over rates) Cambo looked good straight away and with Robbo they chased down the total at a furious rate. Robbo, made it back to back centuries and looked to be leading us to victory but after making 114 magnificent runs, he was caught on the fence. It was a terrible blow, but Cambo was still there and Trevor (Tugga) Bennett was heading to the crease.
Cambo and Tugga were soon separated, when Tugga was out and it appeared time was against us. Cambo and John (Whisper) Conte, gave it one last effort and almost got there. It seemed that there was one more over to be bowled, but stumps were called. Unfortunately the slow over rate prevented us from getting there after we finished on 4/219. That is life and we walked away with a very honourable draw. Cambo finished with 35 not out and almost got us over the line, with some great clean hitting.
As the Skipper put it, There was a lot to be proud of and a lot to feel pleased about, especially the way we played the whole game, we played positive cricket right to the very end and stuck to our own game plan and everyone contributed.


Wyndham 4/219 Drew with Barkly St 7/225


Mark Robinson 114
Paul Cambasis 35no
Jamie Davies 27

Nick Powell 5/62
Alex Grioli 1/29
Scott Miles 1/44

(Footnote: Robbo second 100 in a row, 4th in past 6 hits)

B Grade V's St Andrews - Home

Match Report

B Grade

This clash with St Andrews promised to be an important game and once again B Grade took in to the game what looked to be an excellent team, if not the most talented team that has been selected in the clubs seconds for about 4 years. But as the saying goes, Looks can be deceiving.

Winning the toss, B grade headed straight out to bat in the hope that a big total could be mustered and with the batting in the team it was reasonable to expect a total in excess of 200 to 250.

Unfortunately the early season form continued as B grade were unable to build any meaningful partnerships and suffered for it, making only 166, on a perfect day for batting. Looking at the score book it is disappointing to see more than half of the team make 15 or more, but no one make more than 30. Still, there are positive signs as 6 individuals got starts and only 2 or 3 need to go on to mount defendable totals of 200 plus.

Back to the game, after being dismissed for 166 there was a chance of picking up a few early wickets before the close of play and putting the pressure right back onto the boys from St Andrews. Unfortunately for the guys, they were unable to work through St Andrews defences and at the close of play St Andrews were on 50 for the loss of no wickets. B Grade had it all to do now.

Day 2 arrived and there was an air of optimism in the team, especially after the way the B Grade guys had bowled at training during the week. All of them showed that with a little luck and support, they could knock over St Andrews.

However St Andrews were just too good with the bat and managed to hold together before being bowled out for 224. An interesting point to this is that St Andrews lost all of their 10 wickets for 174 runs. With just a little more application with the bat, the bowlers will do the job.
Sent in to bat again the team ended on a score of 3/129, which shows that the potential in the batting is there. It is obvious that B Grade can win games of cricket, the talent in the team is not questioned, but the application needs to be attended to. There are plenty of positives to come out of this game and these should be used to motivate the team for their next game.

Heads up guys and on to the next game, armed with the knowledge that over both innings 8 different players made more than 15 runs and all the bowlers contributed once again. It only takes a few guys to stick their hand up when batting and be determined to not get out.

There is a feeling around the club that just one win, will start and avalanche of victories for the B Grade guys. With no wins from 3 Rounds it would be easy to write off the B Grade team, but the club is certain that this team has the potential to play finals and might even be able to pinch a flag. Hard work will do it guys.


Wyndham 166 & 3/129 Lost to St Andrews 224

Batting 1st Innings

Steven Hedgcock 30
Paul Herbert 28
Simon Pierotti 27no
David Parker 21

Batting 2nd Innings

Carmine Conte 53no
Paul Herbert 37 Retired (too old)
John Grioli 27


Simon Pierotti 2/20
Carmine Conte 2/33
Daniel Herbert 2/44
Ross Patterson 2/60

D Grade V's Melton South - Home

Match Report

D Grade

D Grade saddled up for their match with Melton South with a vastly different team than what they had previously. An influx of new guys to take over from the youth boded well for this game, unfortunately for D Grade they were put to the sword by just one player from Melton South.

Melton South batting first was a one-man team, as one individual score of 188 punctuated their score of 274 by P.Fava. The next best score in the book was extras in what made for extraordinary reading. After extras the next best score was 15...

The bowlers all toiled manfully but were unable to dismiss Mr Fava who continued to benefit from dropped catches and a quick outfield. However in all the gloom stood out a beacon of light. Greg (Stowie) Stowe bowled his well controlled and flighted off spin beautifully to take 6/48 in a solo performance.

Our turn to bat and the score sheet reflects the performance, with Nick Bull in his first game for the club holding the innings together to make a fine 67 not out in a total of 126. The next best contributor to the score was Troy (Trogga) Robinson who compiled a well made 16 runs. Someway short of the 275 required for victory.

Sent in to bat again, D Grade performed a little better putting together a score of 6/142, with Trogga continuing on his good form to end on 54 Not Out and Matthew Polzella who hit a fine 34. (This was his highest score, to date but there is a big one in him)

So D Grade is now at 1 win and two losses and the challenge to even up the score in round 5.


Wyndham 126 & 6/142 Lost to Melton South 274

Batting 1st Innings

Nick Bull 67no
Troy Robinson

Batting 2nd Innings

Troy Robinson 54no
Matthew Polzella 34 (Highest Score)


Greg Stowe 6/48
Luke Ryan 1/33
Shane Spiteri 1/41
Lou Tenerezza 1/76

(Footnote: Only one batsmen for Melton South made more than 20, he made 188 out of the 274....Extras was the next highest score)