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Round 7
Round 7 proved to be a somewhat bittersweet day for the club. The Premier grade team performed extremely well and produced another victory, but the seconds and thirds lost.
The seconds lost in surreal circumstances, after being set 206 for victory they cruised to what they thought was a winning score of 6/207 only to find out later that the score was actually only 205. An extremely hard way to have lost the game, but on the positive side the team made runs without their two main run machines scoring too many.
The Thirds were unable to pull off a victory over the strong Melton Centrals team, with plenty of starts in the batting, but no one able to get a big score.This has been the issue holding them back from registering more victories throughout the first half of this season.....
So at the half way mark of the season things appear to be going as planned. All three teams are competitive and we have a very large turn over of new players, which is always exciting......however injuries and unavailabilities are causing a few concerns at the selection table...let's hope we can get on top of those issues and have all three teams chasing finals glory.
Roll on 2003.
for the finals.......


Wyndham 3/179
St Johns 8/125
M.Robinson 76
S.Quirke 68 n.o.
N.Powell 3/28
R.Patterson 3/16
Robbo claiming another wicket
by running out opening partner Mark Vearing.......


Wyndham 5/205
Lost To
Barkly St 206
D.Jenkins 78
A.Wolfenden 75
D.Herbert 3/57
B.Bennett 3/47
R.Miles 3/15
This is actually a LOWLIGHT, after thinking that they had chased the runs down successfully, it was later found that the score books were in fact incorrect.


Wyndham 149
Lost To
Melton Centrals 7/151
L.Grioli 32
A.Grioli 32
G.Stowe 21
W.Jones 19
G.Stowe 2/46
Team Effort