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Wyndham Juniors

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Welcome to the "Wyndham Juniors" website. The intention of this site is to provide up to date information about our newly formed Junior teams and assist players and/or their parents with any questions they may have.

It is hoped that this information will assist parents and players to better understand a little more about The Wyndham Cricket Club and inparticular, our Junior teams and the environment in which the club is attempting to provide for our Juniors. 

At this stage the site is still in it's infancy, but it will be developed as the season progresses. We hope to add some interesting pages to our site a little further down the track, which will help provide some fun and interactivity to those who frequent the site.

So, go ahead browse around the site, we hope that you enjoy your visit.

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In the News

In this area I might put any late-breaking news, such as last night's score or any injuries or trade rumors.

Trivia Question

To encourage visitors to check back often, in this area I'll put a different trivia question each week or even each day. Here's an example of a trivia question:

Pedro and Ramon Martinez are among a select group of brothers who've pitched for the same team at the same time. How many others in the group can you name?