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Whilst representing the Wyndham Cricket Club both on and off the field, it is the responsibility of players to conduct themselves, in such a manner as to maintain and promote the Club's excellent public image. A positive attitude towards competition and socializing is imperative if this goal is to be attained.


* The wearing of a high standard of cricket attire on the field.
* Competitive yet fair appealing at all times.
* The understanding that an umpire is ALWAYS right.
* A competitive approach to the opposition on the field, and a socializing one once the game is over.
* Responsible drinking at all Club functions.
* All members to approach the Club's coaching staff and committee with any concerns.


The club will not tolerate any consumption of alcohol, outside of our Liquor Licence trading hours, whether that alcohol has been purchased at the club or not. The club is strictly bound by the Liquor Licensing laws and as such need to ensure that they are adhered to.
These licensing laws are available for viewing at the bar and it is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with these laws.

There will be no consumption of alcohol by any member of the club, either playing or non playing, during any game whilst they are representing the Wyndham Cricket Club. Any Player or Member of the Wyndham Cricket Club who fail to comply with this instruction will find himself or herself facing disciplinary action resulting in possible suspension or dismissal from the club.
The club reserve the right to refuse, service of alcohol to any individual.


All of the points below have been written, taking into account and the encouragement of, abiding by all the laws of cricket, particularly Laws 3 & 42 of the LAWS OF CRICKET 2nd addition 1992.For Clarification of The Spirit Of The Game, refer to the Victorian Cricket Association?ules of Cricket

Cricket is a game that owes much of its unique appeal to the fact, that it is expected to be played, not only within its laws, but also within the SPIRIT OF THE GAME. Any action, which is seen to abuse this spirit or causes injury to the game itself, will result in disciplinary action being taken by the club.
The responsibility for ensuring that the spirit of fair play is adhered to lies with each grade captain.


The Captains are responsible at all times, for ensuring that play is conducted within the spirit and laws of the game.


In the event of any player failing to comply with the instructions of an umpire, criticizing his decisions by word or action, or showing dissent, or generally behaving in a manner which might bring the game into disrepute, the umpire concerned shall, in the first place, report the matter to the player's Captain, requesting the latter to take action. In the second place report that player to the association, for interview and possible suspension.

1.Fair and unfair play
According to the Laws, the umpires are the soul judges of fair and unfair play. The umpires may intervene at any time and it is the responsibility of the Captain to take action where required.

2. The umpires are authorized to intervene in cases of:
- Time wasting
- Intimidatory bowling
- Damaging the pitch
- Tampering with the ball
- Any other action that they feel to be unfair.

3. The Spirit of the Game involves respect for:
- Your opponents
- The role of the umpire
- Your own Captain and team
- The game's traditional values

4. It is against the spirit of the game:
- To question an umpire's decision by word or gesture
- To direct abusive language towards an opponent or umpire
- Indulge in cheating or any sharp practice, e.g.
(a) Appeal, knowing that the batsman is not out
(b) Advance towards an umpire in an aggressive manner when appealing
(c) Seek to distract an opponent either verbally or by harassment with persistent clapping or unnecessary noise under the guise of enthusiasm and motivation of one's own side.

5. Violence
There is no place for any act of violence on the field of play.

6. Players
Captains and umpires together set the tone for the conduct of a cricket match, and every player is expected to make an important contribution to this.


The Club's senior teams train each Tuesday and Thursday evenings between the hours 5:00pm and 8:30pm (daylight permitting). Attire must include a white cricket shirt or specified training shirt and tracksuit pants, predominantly dark of colour. If you are unable to attend training, please notify someone from the coaching staff or the captain of one of the elevens. Upon arrival at training, please check with the practise captain of your attendance, and complete a minimum of two laps before participating practice.


If you are unavailable for selection, could you please notify someone from the coaching staff, the chairman of selectors and/or your captain as soon as possible (the earlier the better), even if you know weeks or months in advance. (Could you please also fill in the details of your impending absence on the appropriate sheet on the notice board). This greatly assists with team selections and avoids many last minute phone calls and headaches! Teams are selected on a Tuesday night by the match committee and generally announced on a Thursday evening prior to each new game. If you are not sure of what team you may have been selected in please contact a committee member
Most importantly, if you are a selected for a team and suddenly become unavailable, could you please contact someone in authority IMMEDIATELY!


The club supplies a basic kit of gear for all grades for use each Saturday. It is advisable though to have your own gear, particularly on training nights.


It is the club policy that all players who represent the club must do so in official club colours, if possible. If you do not have a club cap, only caps or hats of a cricketing type, are permitted to be worn during a game, no baseball caps or other type of caps. Also, it is a WSUCCA requirement that all players wear a collared cricket shirt.


Club membership is $70 per season, which includes player insurance. Membership is to be paid by the end of November. Any player unfinancial by this date will be considered unavailable for team selection. Match fees are generally around $8 for the Firsts, and $7 for the Seconds and Thirds. A Special student and unemployed rate of $4 also exist. Afternoon teas are to be supplied by all players of the Wyndham Cricket Club involved in home games, played at Laverton North.
Anyone failing to supply afternoon tea will incur a $2 fine on top of their match fees.


The Wyndham Cricket Club depends very heavily on your support in this area, as many of our functions are important fundraisers and crucial to the Club's financial survival. The Club will be running several major social functions, during the year as well as several other nights at the rooms on a Saturday evening. All players are generally expected to attend these functions.
Each Saturday evening between the hours of 7:30 and 8:30 there is a "Happy Hour". During that time, drinks will be available at reduced prices.


Committee positions are open to any member of the Club, and the Annual General Meeting usually occurs on the Sunday in July of each year. All committee-persons have a portfolio to fill, and the success of the Club usually depends on the time and effort put in by all members of the committee. Meetings are generally held on a monthly basis. Committee members are only too happy to agenda any item you may want brought up at a meeting.


Sponsors are an integral part of the Wyndham Cricket Club, and without their help we would find it difficult to field sides each week. Therefore, we encourage you to patronise them wherever possible, and when doing so, mention the Club's name for that all-important feedback. If you happen to know of a potential business or company who would like to sponsor the Club, it would be greatly appreciated if you could pass on their name to a member of the executive.


Players are expected to arrive at our clubrooms, (Lawrie Emmins Reserve, Old Geelong Rd, Laverton North) no later than 12.00pm each match day.
Captains are to complete a team sheet and hand it to the opposing captain prior to the commencement of play (usually at the coin toss). In some cases, players may be required to fill in as the square leg umpire, or scoring. Captains of teams playing at home are required to telephone the scores through after each day's play, and complete match reports and umpire's reports.


Included in each player's membership fees is a small amount (about $6) covering insurance. Realistically, this is only a minimal coverage and the benefits are quite small. So for peace of mind and appropriate coverage, the Club heavily encourages all players to take out their own private health insurance.

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